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For the Love of Israel

Loving Israel is not hard, but these celebrities, from Elizabeth Taylor to Will Smith, do deserve a prize for speaking out in times of need.


Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King Jr. knew a thing or two about democracy. So when BDS activists make ridiculous claims about Israel being an apartheid state, we have just the right person to refer them back to. Full quote as follows: “The whole world must see that Israel must exist and has the right to exist, and is one of the great outposts of democracy in the world.”

Julian Edelman


New England Patriots star Julian Edelman has proved his love for Israel a-plenty in the previous years: from wearing a flag pin while playing, to inaugurating the first direct flight between Boston and Tel Aviv, Julian is not afraid to show his true feelings.

Barbra Streisand


Despite being a proud Jew and an outspoken supporter for Israel, Barbra Streisand never performed here until 2013. It’s never too late to come home, Barbra!

Scarlett Johansson


After becoming the brand ambassador for SodaStream, Scarlett refused to let herself be intimidated by an aggressive BDS campaign. She proudly stood for what she believed in, while speaking against the harmful effects of BDS against the Palestinian people.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


From speaking about Gilad Shalit’s ordeal to participating to Yom HaAtzmaut celebrations, Arnold Schwarzenegger has indeed proven his attachment to the State of Israel.

Minnie Driver


In 2014, actress Minnie Driver was one of the signatories of a public pro-Israel letter, exposing the hypocrisies of BDS and the actual challenges that the Palestinian people faces from within its own midst. Thank you, Minnie!

Will Smith


Less is more.

Elizabeth Taylor


Elizabeth Taylor became a Jew by choice, not during her marriage with a Jewish man, but after it. She always identified with Jews as underdogs, she said. The trials and tribulations of Israelis became her own when she offered herself up as a hostage during the Operation Entebbe hijacking. Her sacrifice was refused, but the offer will never be forgotten.

Howard Stern


Maybe the fact that his family originates from Europe and has seen their share of anti-Semitism has something to do with it, but Howard just won’t have it anymore. And neither will we.

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