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PA Security Forces on Facebook: Israel doesn’t exist

On December 3rd, the Palestinian Authority Security Forces published a map of Israel, or, rather, “Palestine”. The map is wrapped in a Keffiyeh (Muslim headdress) alongside the PA National Security Forces logo.

This map is yet another example of the Palestinian incitement of terror towards Israel. Far from being a naïve post to social media, it is a piece of the global campaign which aims to convince the Palestinian population that Israel has no right to exist. 

Like young people everywhere, young Palestinians are addicted to social media – and their malleable opinions are being molded each day by posts which incite hatred against Israel and honor the terrorists who they call heroes.

The wave of terrorism directed at Israelis over the course of the past year may have been carried out by individuals, but it is part of the zeitgeist being perpetuated through social media and popular culture. 

Anti-Israeli propaganda is also a constant presence in Palestinian schools and in their textbooks, which teach children that Israel has no right to exist and that the conflict is a religious battle for Islam. Palestinian students learn that Israel was born through imperialism, and they are taught to envision a future free of the Jewish state; one in which only Palestine appears on maps.

The cycle of violence will not end until these basic forms of indoctrination and incitement cease. An education that inspires a new generation of young Palestinians to grow up hating Israelis and regarding violence against them as both legitimate and necessary is wrong and despicable. Palestinian leaders must invest in raising a new generation of young leaders who can work for a better and more secure future for everyone in the region.

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