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Spanish FM blasts BDS during visit by Knesset delegation

In another blow to BDS efforts in Spain and Europe, Spain's foreign minister declares his government's opposition to the boycott movement and its initiatives during a visit by Knesset delegation.

From YnetNews April 2, 2017
Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis came out firmly against the BDS movement during a meeting with a delegation of Knesset members, who visited the country to mark 30 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel.
"The government of Spain is entirely opposed to BDS and has already taken a variety of steps to fight the movement" said Dastis. "I ask that you update me on every new extreme initiative in real time, so we can prevent it in real time."
The delegation was headed by MK Revital Swid (Zionist Union) and also sought to advance more friendly policies and relations with Spain.
Delegation members also included Eli Alaluf (Kulanu), Yoel Hasson (Zionist Union) and Ya'akov Margi (Shas).
During the event, the Spanish-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship League was launched at a ceremony attended by Spanish senators, congressman, the Israeli ambassador to Spain and other embassy staff.
The Knesset delegation also met with the President of the Spanish Congress, the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain and other senior community leaders.
In addition to his commitment to act against BDS initiatives, Dastis also promised to visit Israel soon with a delegation of Spanish congressman.
Despite some 40 cities in Spain adopting boycott resolutions, some 10 cities canceled the decision either voluntarily or by court order.
During her visit, MK Swid stressed that Knesset members are excited to be part of the delegation that celebrates 30 years of relations between Israel and Spain.
"The Knesset places great importance to strengthening relations between the two countries and parliaments. Fortunately, the Spanish foreign minister agreed to my invitation to visit Israel and declared that his government is strongly opposed to BDS," said Swid.

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