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US ambassador to UN: 'Hezbollah uses towns to protect tens of thousands of rockets'

April 20, 2017

The UN Security Council met on Thursday to discuss various issues in the Middle East, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Among the participants were Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon and his American counterpart Nikki Haley, who said that "Lebanon, Hezbollah, a terrorist organization, uses towns to shield… tens of thousands of illegal rockets."

Haley, an enthusiastic supporter of Israel, noted that the Security Council has ignored recent threats in the Middle East, focusing more on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict instead of more burning issues like Iran and Hezbollah.
Haley argued that the Security Council paid little attention to these threats, but the United States would not ignore them. "In Syria, Hezbollah controls territory on the ground. With Iran's instructions, its militias stand side by side with Syrian troops as they slaughter the Syrian people. Sometimes Hezbollah is the one giving orders to Assad's fighters. Hezbollah helped Assad starve and destroy Aleppo."


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