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International Petition to Google & Youtube

Given the resurgence in anti-Semitism we’ve been witnessing around the world, Google must show the moral fortitude to do the right thing and remove anti-Semitic filth.

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Dear Mr. Pichai and Ms. Wojcicki, 

I am writing today regarding a matter of great concern to Jews and Jewish communities around the world, and especially to survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and their families. 

Last year, in September 2015, Dr. Jens-Christian Wagner, the director of the foundation ‘Stiftung Niedersächsische Gedenkstätten’ and of the Bergen-Belsen Memorial, wrote a letter to Google Deutschland calling for the removal from YouTube of offensive songs by the neo-Nazi band ‘Kommando Freisler’ that glorify Hitler and the mass murder of six million Jews. No action was taken. 

Following recent pressure from the World Jewish Congress and its supporters around the globe, some versions of this vile song were removed in May 2015, but versions of it remain accessible on YouTube, as do many other songs by the same band and other neo-Nazi groups. These songs constitute incitement to hatred and are in gross violation of YouTube’s terms of service. Why is Google dragging its feet in permanently and completely removing this content, especially given the recent commitment you and other online giants, like Facebook and Twitter, made to eliminate such content? 

I am calling on Google and YouTube, in the strongest possible terms, to take all necessary steps now to live up to your promise and remove this offensive and obscene material from your online platforms, anywhere in the world. 

Google and YouTube must display corporate responsibility regarding this troubling issue. The World Jewish Congress stands ready to assist you in identifying offensive material, but we expect you will take a more responsible, proactive approach toward alleviating this problem. 

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