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Support Maryland's Anti-BDS Legislation

The state of  Maryland’s  General Assembly is considering legislation to oppose the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

Legislation has been submitted, MD House Bill 949 and MD Senate Bill 739, that would prevent state retirement and pension investments in companies that are participating in a boycott of Israel and prohibit such companies from securing procurement contracts with the state. Maryland should join with sixteen other states that have passed similar laws.

The BDS movement is a global network of individuals and organizations whose objective is to isolate Israel politically, economically and culturally. Their overall goal is to challenge Israel’s right to exist as the sovereign homeland of the Jewish people by falsely labeling Israel as racist and genocidal.  BDS promotes a biased and divisive approach to the complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict by advocating for unconstructive and divisive actions aimed exclusively at blaming and pressuring Israel. They seek to punish only Israel, instead of positively encouraging political and economic cooperation to encourage a peaceful solution between the two parties. 

Citizens of Maryland should contact their state legislators and urge them to support and pass House Bill 949 and Senate Bill 739 which would prevent companies from discriminating against our democratic ally, Israel. This bipartisan legislation gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to the long friendship between Maryland and Israel.

CLICK HERE for to find your state representative. 

For your convenience, we have provided you with draft text to send to your representative. Feel free to use it or modify it as you see fit:

Dear (recipient name), 

As your constituent, I urge you to support the passage of HB949/SB793, prohibiting the discriminatory trade practices advocated by the BDS Movement against Israel. This piece of legislation will reaffirm the people of Maryland's commitment to our friend and ally, while also ensuring that we will continue to develop stronger connections a partner for trade in the global market.     

Through their support of boycotts of Israeli business, academic, financial and cultural institutions members of the BDS Movement have not relented in their attempts to isolate and delegitimize the State of Israel. Not only will the BDS Movement’s efforts fail, but they are entirely counterproductive to the Middle East peace process.   

As citizens of the only true democracy in the Middle East, with a vibrant and diverse society, Israelis share many of the same values that Americans hold dear and maintain a strong desire for peace. Yet, the Palestinian leadership and those who promote BDS hold Israel responsible for the stalled peace process and seek to undermine any reconciliation between the two sides.   

(your name here) 

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