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Boycott won’t heal our divide, Israeli star tells fellow artists
Isolating Israel will ‘give prejudice and hatred a louder voice’, says musician and peace activist..
Lawfare Project's Counter-BDS Initiative in Spain Yields Two More Wins!
The Lawfare Project (LP) is thrilled to announce two more counter-BDS conquests in Spain, achieved..
WATCH: Iranian American Journalist Explains How to Tackle BDS
Lisa Daftari shares the truth about the BDS Movement; says that its real intention is the..
BDS Movement Backfires, Deals Blow to Thousands of Palestinians
Boycotting Israel leads to Palestinian unemployment
The Swiss Parliament pulls the plug on BDS
Every year, the Swiss Federal government provides about 1 million Swiss francs to a framework based..
British government proposes guideline to prevent municipal boycotts against Israel
The British government has unveiled a proposed guideline that is meant to counteract and prevent the..
Montana Lawmakers Advance Anti-BDS Bill
The Montana House advanced a bill that would prohibit the state from doing business with companies..
Campus Pitch Competition - Los Angeles
Submit your proposal for an initiative to expand the conversation about Israel and Jewish issues on..
BDS Panel at CPAC: How to Defeat the Movement
CPAC 2017 has shown its support for Israel in numerous ways, but the panel on the Boycott,..
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