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Estonia Blast BDS, Calls Israel 'A friend and Partner'
Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Misker told the 'Post' that his country was firmly supportive of..
Saudi Journalist To Palestinian: You Have Missed Too Many Opportunities To Resolve The Conflict
Saudi Journalist To Palestinian Leaders: You Have Missed Too Many Opportunities To Resolve The..
SodaStream rehires 74 Palestinian employees following renewed work permits
SodaStream, the Israel-based producer of a popular beverage carbonation machine, announced it will..
All 100 senators sign letter asking for equal treatment of Israel at the U.N.
All 100 U.S. senators signed a letter released Friday asking U.N. Secretary General António Guterres..
Berlin Social Democratic Party Declares BDS anti-Semitic
Members of Berlin's Social Democratic Party (SPD) passed a resolution on Saturday in support of..
Fatah official: “To this moment, Fatah does not recognize Israel”
On official Palestinian Authority TV, Fatah Central Committee member and Commissioner of Treasury..
Simon Callow: BDS is 'an abomination'
'I will speak out about artists when they are blocked or have been stopped from performing.'
Annual Summit Against BDS: address by WJC CEO Robert Singer
In his keynote address, WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer, who spoke on behalf of..
EU adopts anti-boycott stance in official commercial policy
In a reaction to attempts in Europe to boycott Israel, the European Union’s report on commercial..
The Real Face of Marwan Barghouti
Who is the real Marwan Barghouti behind his whitewashed portrayal in the media?
Cancer Patient Stopped at Gaza-Israel Crossing With Explosive Material
Israeli authorities on Wednesday morning intercepted material used to manufacture explosive devices..
Spanish FM blasts BDS during visit by Knesset delegation
In another blow to BDS efforts in Spain and Europe, Spain's foreign minister declares his..
An Op-Ed Author Omits His Crimes, and The Times Does Too
In the piece, Barghouti makes reference to his life sentences and additional 40-year term but he..
Arkansas legislature passes law prohibiting deals with companies that boycott Israel
The Arkansas state legislature has passed a law that prohibits state agencies from contracting with..
Bipartisan Bill Against Israel Boycotts Introduced in House of Representatives
Prompted by the United Nations Human Rights Council’s decision to create a database of Israeli..
Gazan aid worker diverted funds, benefits to Hamas terrorists
Muhammad Murtaja falsified lists of needy Gazans, transferred aid packages, and diverted millions of..
Omar Barghouti, Founder of Anti-Israel Boycott Campaign, Arrested for Tax Evasion
The leader of the campaign to boycott Israel was arrested by Israeli authorities on Monday for..
Watch David Brog address the Nevada State legislature in support of anti-Bds bill SB.26.
CUFI Director testifies in favor of Anti BDS-Senate Bill 26
We must engage with the UN Human Rights Council to overcome its anti-Israel bias
António Guterres, the new secretary-general of the United Nations, did not mince words when he..
Ambassador Haley demands UN withdraw report branding Israel ‘apartheid’ state
Ambassador Nikki Haley blasted a United Nations report that accused Israel of being "guilty of the..
Arab-Israeli teen rounds on ‘hypocritical’ BDS campaign in UK address
Mohammed Zoabi criticised advocates of the boycott movement against Israel, saying it doesn’t help..
Boycott won’t heal our divide, Israeli star tells fellow artists
Isolating Israel will ‘give prejudice and hatred a louder voice’, says musician and peace activist..
For the Love of Israel
Loving Israel is not hard, but these celebrities, from Elizabeth Taylor to Will Smith, do deserve a..
Lawfare Project's Counter-BDS Initiative in Spain Yields Two More Wins!
The Lawfare Project (LP) is thrilled to announce two more counter-BDS conquests in Spain, achieved..
Palestinian kids in Doha are taught to support terror and that Israel doesn't exist
Today, Mahmoud Abbas dedicated a school in Doha that is open only to students of Palestinian..
WATCH: Iranian American Journalist Explains How to Tackle BDS
Lisa Daftari shares the truth about the BDS Movement; says that its real intention is the..
Incitement in a Palestinian school: Children Pretend to Execute Israeli Soldier
A sick new low for foreign aid: Palestinian boys and girls pretend to execute an Israeli soldier –..
BDS Movement Backfires, Deals Blow to Thousands of Palestinians
Boycotting Israel leads to Palestinian unemployment
The Swiss Parliament pulls the plug on BDS
Every year, the Swiss Federal government provides about 1 million Swiss francs to a framework based..
United States Defends Israel at Human Rights Council, Calls for U.N. Reform
US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State H.E. Ms. Erin Barclay calls out the United Nations Human..
WATCH: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Delivers Remarks at Yad Vashem
Standing alongside President Reuven Rivlin at Israel's Holocaust Memorial, Cuomo Addresses Recent..
British government proposes guideline to prevent municipal boycotts against Israel
The British government has unveiled a proposed guideline that is meant to counteract and prevent the..
Montana Lawmakers Advance Anti-BDS Bill
The Montana House advanced a bill that would prohibit the state from doing business with companies..
Palestinians are Hurt by BDS
All the people who wanted to close SodaStream’s West Bank factory are mistaken… They didn’t take..
Rabbi Sacks on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign
The BDS campaign against Israel is dangerously wrong because beneath the surface it's an attempt to..
Campus Pitch Competition - Los Angeles
Submit your proposal for an initiative to expand the conversation about Israel and Jewish issues on..
Palestinian Ambassador to Iran: I Pray that Iran Will Produce 1,000 Nuclear Bombs
Salah Zawawi warned against what he called the "Western enterprise" to establish the Greater Israel.
BDS Panel at CPAC: How to Defeat the Movement
CPAC 2017 has shown its support for Israel in numerous ways, but the panel on the Boycott,..
Palestinian Kids Jump for Jihad at European-Funded Dance Competition
Song at European-funded youth competition: “Jihad is needed, Pull the trigger”
Stop Using Apartheid For Your Own Agenda
A fascinating feature of the country is its patriotism, seen with the presence of the Israeli flag..
Why BDS activist Malia Bouattia couldn’t answer Jon Snow’s question on Israel boycott
Malia Bouattia responds to Jon Snow's question about boycotting countries other than Israel
3rd Spanish municipality reverses own BDS vote following legal action
The Spanish municipality of Petrer, which is known internationally for hosting mock battles..
House Bill 501 would require the Board of Investments to receive certification that companies are..
Second British University Cancels Israel Apartheid Week Event
Authorities say Palestine Society failed to follow "proper process" in arranging discussion to..
Sticking Up for Israel by Robert Singer
The new secretary-general is a breath of fresh air at the United Nations, but it’s going to take..
University cancels Israel Apartheid Week event
The University of Central Lancashire has cancelled an event which was due to take place as part of..
While promoting boycotts Palestinians continue to use Israeli tech
Palestinians continue to use Israeli products in the face of calls for boycotts by the BDS Movement.
US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley : “Why does the U.N. obsess over Israel?”
UN Nikki Haley told members of the press that the United States would no longer “turn a blind eye”..
Watch: Anti-Israel students at Columbia University disrupt Israeli ambassador’s speech
On Monday night, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon's speech at an event hosted by..
UK government proposes guideline to prevent Israel boycotts
British government unveils proposed guideline that is meant to counteract and prevent the passing of..
Tel Aviv is in the top 7 “Green cities” in the world
Tel Aviv was selected last week as one of the top 7 “Green cities” in the world by the World..
Spanish BDS activists who targeted Matisyahu face criminal prosecution
BDS movement leaders responsible for the boycott and harassment of singer Matisyahu in the Summer of..
Groups Involved in BDS Campaign on Illinois Campus Use Israeli Tech for Their Websites
Student groups co-sponsoring a new Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel..
Guess who is coming to town? 9 concerts that will rock Israel this summer
They tried, they failed. The BDS movement, however, is still doing its thing, but these performers..
A Report on UNRWA Teachers’ Incitement To Jihadist Terrorism And Antisemitism
The Algemeiner: Bernard-Henri Lévy Says BDS Movement Against Israel Is Rooted in Antisemitism
The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel is based on hatred of Jews,..
The Indoctrination of Palestinian Youth: Promoting Violence & Terror
Young boy on PA TV children’s program recites poem encouraging “slaughter” of Israelis, glorifying..
BBC News: Israel 'to take in 100 Syrian orphans'
Israel has for the first time approved a plan to give asylum to 100 children orphaned in the Syria..
German University Suspends Pro-BDS Professor
The Free University in Berlin has cancelled academic assignments for a pro-BDS professor who..
Michigan Becomes 15th State to Pass Law Against Anti-Israel Boycotts
Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill on Monday aimed at combating efforts to restrict trade with Israel,..
The Intellectual Hypocrisy of Anti-Israel Academic Boycotts
Among the many examples of the shameful degradation of values in academia, few are more..
The Jibril Rajoub File, Special Report for FIFA
This report documents Palestinain Football Association President Jibril Rajoub’s hate promotion,..
Top U.S. Academic Group Rejects Motion for Boycott of Israel
PHILADELPHIA - The U.S. Modern Language Association on Saturday rejected a resolution calling for an..
House passes resolution condemning UN for Israel action
The House of Representatives passed a resolution on Thursday condemning the UN
In rare move, Spanish town votes to reverse BDS resolution it passed this year
In a rare move, a Spanish municipality voted to nullify a resolution it had passed earlier this year..
Stop MLA's Academic Boycott of Israel vote on January 7
The Modern Language Association is at it again. At their annual convention the MLA will consider a..
Some of Britain's top universities are becoming no-go zones for Jews, Baroness Deech claims
Some of Britain's leading universities are becoming no-go zones for Jewish students because..
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs state anti-BDS law
Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into law a bill targeting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions..
Op-Ed: How to fight the anti-Israel BDS movement
By the end of 2016, the United Nations will have adopted 20 resolutions against the state of Israel..
PA Security Forces on Facebook: Israel doesn’t exist
On December 3rd, the Palestinian Authority Security Forces published a map of Israel, or, rather,..
Hamas Parades Children With Machine Guns in Celebration of 29th Anniversary
On December 8th 2016, Hamas celebrated its 29th anniversary by parading its heavily-armed fighters,..
World’s first BDS account closure, says German bank
The Bank für Sozialwirtschaft (Bank for Social Economy) announced on Monday that it has shut down..
German Chancellor Merkel's party labels BDS antisemitic
German Chancellor Merkel's party labels BDS antisemitic Germany's Christian Democratic Union party..
Anti-BDS bill passes Ohio House
House Bill 476 passed the Ohio House of Representatives Nov. 29 during a general session meeting...
Anti-BDS Legislation Introduced in Nevada
Nevada Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchinson and pro-Israel activists introduced a new resolution..
Tell to Stop Profiting From Hate
We demand to remove from its website books that deny the Holocaust and promote..
Ontario passes motion rejecting BDS campaign against Israel
Ontario has become the first province to reject the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign..
NYU President Slams Anti-Israel Boycott Movement as ‘Affront to Academic Freedom’
The president of New York University (NYU) had some harsh words for the Boycott, Divestment and..
Palestinian Sheikh: "Use Pakistani Nukes to Destroy Jewish State"
In an address dedicated to the outcome of the US presidential elections, delivered at the Al-Aqsa..
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